Fitted Crib Silky Sheet

Our Fitted Crib Silky Sheets are made specifically for toddlers, active sleepers, wigglers, and busy bodies who toss and turn in bed. Made with a combination of silk and satin material, these silky sheets are guaranteed to help your baby’s hair and skin-care needs. Whether your little one has straight, curly or kinky hair, our sheets are made for all hair types. Say goodbye to frizz, bed head, baby balding, and split ends! Our sheets promote hair growth and reduce hair loss while maintaining maximum hydration and moisture. They are also hypoallergenic and regulate cool temperatures that repel dust and dust mites.  


  • Luxuriously silky material made for baby's comfort, hair, and skin protection 
  • 8" deep pockets with elastic all around for a snug and secure fit
  • Secured with 2 elastic bands for extra security
  • Machine Wash & Tumble Dry
  • Product Details 

    We are CPC and OEKO TEX Certified! 

    • Absolutely NO Toxins, Harsh Chemicals, Dyes, or  Fragrances 
    • Made with Natural Fibers to prevent frizz, bed head and split ends 
    • Designed using child safety guidelines
    • Snug fit to ensure no-slip and a safe fit
    • Made with 2 elastic bands for maximum safety 
    • Elastic band to fit a variety of different crib mattresses
    • Machine Washable (for best results, wash in Free Your Curls wash bag) 
    • Patent-Pending Product
    • Recommended for toddlers and up (parents should determine size and readiness level)
    • Breathable! Our Crib Sheets are made of one layer to ensure breathability


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    1 product