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Bassinet Silky Sleeve
Eulonda Baltazar
Silly Sleeve

It is a perfect piece of silky satin material to keep your babies curls & hair from getting a bald spot. I Love it! Perfectly put togetherr!

Love it!

I love this product!! My babies hair is already growing back and it’s only been a couple weeks. Fits my snoo mattress perfectly:)

Baby Body Butter
Jasmine Smith
Go to Body Cream for Kid with Eczema!

We love this body cream, so creamy and smooth. It’s our go to for our 2 year old with moderate eczema!

Baby Body Butter
Katherine Frankenthal
Amazing! Must buy!

This body butter is amazing! It keeps our twins so skin hydrated!! Highly highly recommend!

Excellent customer service

After I accidentally sent my order to an old address, Charlean was fantastic at helping me identify the problem and correcting my error. The silky snoo sleeve was highly recommended by our parent group, and we can’t wait to use it now that it has arrived.

Helps with Breakage!

My baby was getting a lot of breakage from whipping her head back and forth dramatically as she fell asleep. She’s still at it, but now her hair doesn’t get tangled and broken. Bonus: she loves touching the soft fabric as she falls asleep—it’s nice and cool for summer!

Love It!

This crib sheet is protecting my LO's hair, and I love it!

Best Way to Keep those curls silky smooth

I ordered the mega pack and asked for two crib sleeves so I could always have one on the bed even during wash day. First the mega pack is awesome. I got a special mesh bag to launder the sleeve and a travel bag so I can take it on the go when needed. The sleeve was a tight fit on our crib mattress but no movement during the night shifts it out of place. My daughters hair isn’t a frizzy mess in the mornings anymore and I’m happy knowing I’m keeping her tresses healthy without worrying about a sleep cap slipping down over her face during the night. Highly recommend!

Baby Body Butter
Ashley Dotson

Very good 👍🏾

Best thing for my baby’s curls!

I am soo glad I stumbled upon this sleeve for the Snoo! It has been preserving my baby curls like no other. He has not suffered any hair loss but instead his hair is flourishing. I may need to buy another for lounging around the home when he wants to randomly lay on this for a nap or play time.

Crib Silky Sleeve

Baby Body Butter
Dallas Foy

Baby Body Butter

I need one for myself!

Love the quality of the silky sleeve! My baby has been sleeping comfortably all night, and his bald spot is improving! When you make a pillowcase for adults, I’ll be all over it!!

Great for all our silk pillowcases

I love the sleeve and the bag was great for all our silk pillowcases

Great product!

I purchased this for my daughter who was leaving strands of hair in her co sleeper. 2+ weeks later her hair is allowed to grow in! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND WILL RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!

Good Quality!

This worked as expected and is good quality. I would recommend if your little one is losing hair!


So happy I got this! Baby still has all his hair in the back! Every baby should have this. Easy to clean, just wash it in the sink with warm water a tiny amount of soap.

I love the quality and the fast shipping! I purchased this before my baby girl was born to be ahead of the game & try to prevent hair loss as we experienced with our son. I just recently purchased the body butter and that is 1 day business shipping. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Fits great!

I was worried about how this product wouldn’t fit and that the mattress would fold up because the Halo mattress is so thin. It fits perfect. I have the Halo Flex. Will likely purchase the crib sleeve once we transition! Hair is no longer matted when she wakes up :)

Silky Sleeve MEGA Pack
Cristina Delgado
Great product

Wish i had found these sooner! My son is now rolling and moving everywhere so he doesn’t stay on the sleeve, but it would’ve worked amazing when he was still sleeping on his back. I still lay him on it at the beginning of every nap and some hair is starting to grow back!

Snoo Sleeve, Baby Delight, The First Years Cozy Baby Sleeper Silk Sleeve - Extra Small Size

So far, so good!

Having used the FYC silk sleeve for a couple of weeks, I've noticed an improvement in my 4 month old daughter's hair. It is smoother and it seems her bald spot is growing back!

Baby Body Butter
Araina Saadi El

The body butter is awesome! Perfect for a good rub down after bath time and I even use this in his hair. Not ashamed to say I use it on my own hands in a pinch and it stretches far better than hand lotion!

Just wish I had it sooner!

Love the big Sleeve the smaller one is best for younger babies. My little one is now 4 months and grew out of her bassinet quickly so the smaller silk sleeve my be a gift for an expectant mom. My babies hair sucks the life out of every little oil product we put on her hair so this silky sleeve was the answer to my prayers as we have been transitioning her to her crib. Fit was perfect and she didn't notice a difference when laying down for her nap!

Love our silky sleeve!

My baby's hair was breaking on her little baby pillow and in the mornings her hair would be all fuzzy from the breakage and from moving her head so much. After one night her hair on the back of her said is just as soft and smooth as all her other hair! Have not seen any of the breakage on the silky sleeve AT ALL. so worth it!