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Love this product!

I started using these in my baby's bassinet and crib when he already had developed a bald spot in the back of his head as well as some skin irritation. After using these silk sleeves for awhile the irritated area is totally healed and he is growing hair in the bald spot too! So glad I got these!

Late to the party

My baby’s skin and hair has never looked better since we started using the crib sleeve. She was suffering with eczema on her face, but now it has cleared up.

Love it!

I honestly think anyone that has a snoo should buy this! My baby was having horrible hair loss. I tried a few things before free your curls was recommended to me and it is just the best! My baby’s hair is not falling out at the rate it was and is growing in beautifully. We are so happy with this product!

Baby Body Butter
Brittany Gray

I love the baby butter so much for my two month old!! It is natural and made of only a few ingredients.

Crib Silk Sleeve
Dia Smith
Curl Saver

This product made my child’s hair so soft and shinny ! It saved my child’s curls . Prior to ordering this sleeve my child experienced severely dry hair and hair loss. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Bassinet/Co-Sleeper Silk Sleeve


I wanted to buy something to help prevent my baby girl from balding. This sleeve is amazing and I am so glad I purchased it!

Love it

My baby girl is 3 weeks old and we have been using the silk sleeper for a week. I’ve noticed her thin spots aren’t getting worse. That’s awesome because she loves to sleep. We have the dream delight bedside bassinet and it fits the mattress padding perfectly. It’s snug so I don’t worry about it ruffling up at night when she moves. Highly recommend.

I love this product! I have eczema and it keeps my skin hydrated!

Baby Body Butter
Mrs. Knight
Butter baby

I absolutely love this product!! It’s the best black owned butter I’ve ever tested .
It works magically on my sons hair and skin . Makes his hair so soft . His skin glistening in the sun . This is awesome and I cannot wait to run out and order another !

Thanks to A. Ellsberry for posting this product on her IG story . Now I’m hooked and won’t use anything else .

I also bought the satin bed cover thing and I’ve noticed a positive difference in my sons hair !!

Baby Body Butter
Tiffany Wallace
The Best

My son’s skin is already smooth but with him growing dryness tries to creep in... and his curls stay so hydrated all day. Not to mention very well defined!

Baby Body Butter
Andrea Etienne

My daughter had severe eczema and this product has kept her skin totally moisturized.

Baby Body Butter
CHelsea WAlker
Love it

This product is perfect for my birthday baby’s skin and hair
I love the consistency of it and above all else I love that it’s only made of 4 ingredients


MUST HAVE!!! We have been using these silk sleeves (one for bassinet and one for Pack N' Play) since we arrived home from the hospital. My son was born with a head full of hair and I have not seen balding yet! He has curly hair and this also keeps his hair from looking wild when he wakes up. He is also hot natured, so these sleeves keep him nice and cool during nap/bedtime.


I love this stuff so much! I love how it melts into my son's skin. My son also had drool/spit-up rash on his neckline from reflux and this cleared it up so fast and kept it moisturized! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Crib Silk Sleeve
Whitney L.
Singlehandedly saved our babies hair

Can't recommend this product enough. Our baby son's bald spot is completely gone. His type 4c hair is easy to break and tangle, I don't know what we would do without it. So many crib sheets are so harsh and not made for coily hair. This is an easy fix! and they accommodated our smaller crib size by making a custom pair for us. The customer service is excellent.


My daughter had terrible balding and within a week, I already see her hair starting to grow back. We had this for months now and her hair is growing and soft. I see a difference in her hair when she sleeps on the silk piece vs off. Definitely recommend.

Just what I was looking for

When my baby started losing their hair due to the harsh cotton surfaces she was frequently on, I lamented about not being able to put a silk cap or bonnet on her. I protect my curls and I desperately wanted to do the same for her. I wish it had occurred to me earlier to search for this type of product and blame not sleeping well! If I had, I would have been able to purchase this awesome product much, much sooner. The slip cover is beautifully made, feels luxurious, and handily has elastic to stretch over the mattress board. I appreciated the details included in each of the products so I knew which one would fit our bassinet, as well as the quick shipping option. I’m definitely going to be recommending this to all my friends who’s babies’ hair would benefit from this!

Baby Body Butter
Britney Lewis

Just placed my second order, because this butter is ✨essential!✨ My son’s hair and skin tends to get super dry and this does wonders for him. And he enjoys it which makes me love this product even more.

Works great

Great customer service and product

Great Product!

Love the overall concept of the product! Great quality and easy to use. The seller provided a gift and hand written note which I adore. Highly recommend!!!

Crib Silk Sleeve
Rowena Rodriguez
5 Stars

Product was just as described. Shipping was extremely fast! I bought the product after seeing that my 5 month old daughter was developing a bald spot from sleeping on cotton crib sheets. I've already seen a difference. No stray baby hairs left behind while she sleeps on this sleeve!

Crib Silk Sleeve
Whitney F.
Quick Shipping and Great Product

First of all, this shipped super quickly! I have a satin sheet for my son's crib, but wanted one for his pack n play too. I was having trouble finding the right size, so I gave this a try and it's perfect! Plus, I can use it for his crib too if I ever need to. I bought the regular sized sleeve and it's a little wide for the pack n play, but I just gather the extra under the mattress and clip it to hold it in place.

Exactly what we needed!

My baby rubbed off a huge patch of hair on the back of her head in her bassinet. It was not growing back so we decided to purchase this silk cover and we can already feel new hair growth on her!! It’s also super cute and great quality. I’m really happy with the purchase and will be recommending this to my other mom friends.

Baby Body Butter
Kayla George
Baby Body Butter !!!! BOMB !!!

I’ve already ordered twice and still elated with this butter !! Moisturizing and works wonders for broken skin, scratches, diaper rashes & doesn’t irritate my baby’s skin (he has eczema) !! Forever customer !