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Crib Silky Sleeve
Lacey Pomerantz
Reduces hair loss

When I used to get my baby up out of his crib there used to be lots of little hairs on the sheet. Now when I get him up, there are none! Works just like silky pillowcases for adults! Definitely wish I would’ve gotten this months ago before all his hair came out!!!

Bassinet Silky Sleeve
Kiara Rutherford

Bassinet Silky Sleeve

Crib Silky Sleeve
Reggie Dorvilus

Crib Silky Sleeve

Love it!

Great for keeping my toddlers hair from drying and breaking off from using a regular cap. She won't let me put anything else her on head now.

Good buy

Love how convenient the design is. This product is truly effective I received mine last week and baby boy has some serious changes. He was mainly bald in the back and now he has hair!

Baby Body Butter
Brittany Gray
I love this magic butter!

I love this product! It is gentle and effective!!


Fits the SNOO bassinet perfectly and I saw a difference in my child’s hair within two weeks. Very happy with my purchase!

Love it

It’s perfect for the baby

Crib Silky Sleeve
Tylin Klatt
Game changer

My daughter is disabled and spends a lot of time on the back of her head. I noticed a difference immediately. Her hair is softer and much less dry & frizzy since we put the silky sleeve on her crib mattress. I think this will be the thing that allows the back of her hair to grow. I have recommended over and over since I received it! Will be ordering another one!

Helped son

My son had the balding in back of head and this helped stop it so much

Crib Silky Sleeve
Ariel Brown

Crib Silky Sleeve

Silky Sleeve MEGA Pack
Sonja McMorris
Curly hair saver

Great product. Helps my daughter with her rubbing her head at night and during naps. Loving this so far.

Good quality

Good quality product

Bassinet Silky Sleeve
Christina Bauer

I absolutely love my silk sleeve. It’s simple and yet super effective!

Bassinet Silky Sleeve
Brittney Sawyer
Love It

I wish I would’ve had this for my first!

Silky Sleeve Review

I love how I can use this silky sleeve for different areas that baby may rub their head up against ex. Swing, doc a tot, bassinet, crib, changing table etc. We’ve only had it for a week and have been using it whenever we lay baby down and I can see little growth and less shedding already! I am hoping that with longer use more hair grows in and sheds less so far so good!

Baby Body Butter
Hendrix Griffin
Hendrix Skin/Hair

I love the body butter. Before I ordered Hendrix had a small rash under his neck we been using the butter for 3 days n it’s definitely clearing up. His curly are so pretty. If you haven’t ordered your missing out

Love this!!!

I see a difference in my son’s hair already. I would recommend this to anyone!

Great customer service

Really great customer service. Looking forward to receiving my silk sleeve.

All ready seeing a difference!

My friend is already seeing a difference and she's only been using the crib sleeve for a week! Her baby is 4 months old and she is always finding hair from the back of his head all over his mattress where his head lays. Now, with the silky sleeve there is literally no fall out!!!

Baby Body Butter
Jasmine Suba
Soft and kissable

So far so good! My little one had been teething and was in full on drool city. Because of that, he often had dry patches around his mouth and chin. The body butter has been so great at removing those dry patches and softening babies skin. We love mixing with lotion for all over moisturizing during the day. A little goes a long way in my opinion! Will definitely restock.

It works!

Remedied my babies terrible bald spot. He seems to like it.

Fitted Crib Silky Sheet
Cecily Liechti
Smooth hair and no breakage

We could tell the sheet was helping after one use! We love this crib sheet and would recommend to anyone having breakage issues with baby hair.

Bassinet Silky Sleeve
Eulonda Baltazar
Silly Sleeve

It is a perfect piece of silky satin material to keep your babies curls & hair from getting a bald spot. I Love it! Perfectly put togetherr!

Love it!

I love this product!! My babies hair is already growing back and it’s only been a couple weeks. Fits my snoo mattress perfectly:)